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Links to Resources about Mother Language

Photo by Nathan Bierma

Photo by Nathan Bierma

Find links to news and information about the topic of language diversity here. If you are missing an important source, or if any of the links are outdated, please let us know.

Endangered Languages

In the process of the globalization of communication many education and workplace environments have coordinated in favour of a first language, which leads to less importance of mother languages, and as a result may even endanger some languages.

· Interactive Atlas of the World?s Languages in Danger (UNESCO)
· Information on Endangered Languages (Wikiwand)
· As forests are cleared and species vanish, there's one other loss: a world of languages
  (Article in the Guardian)

Language in Education

Research shows, that the inclusion of the own mother language together with a foreign languge in education has a positive effect on learning.

· Languages in Education (UNESCO)

Preservation Projects of Languages

Linguistic diversity is threatened by the loss of languages. Projects have emerged, that document, revitalize and maintain languages, both in remote areas and in urban environments.

· Aboriginal Languages Initiative (Department of Canadian Heritage)
   » B.C. First Nation Languages, Report 2014 (First Peoples' Cultural Council)
· Enduring Voices Project (National Geographic)
· Endangered Language Alliance (ELA)


Ethnologue is a reasearch project active since 1951 cataloging all of the world?s known living languages.

· Ethnologue: Languages of the World (SIL International Publications)

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